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The Velocity Clip Story

Posted by Aaron Harris on

The idea for the Velocity Clip was born on a mountain side in Lake Tahoe, California. Swen, the Founder, was on a ski trip with his buddy and fellow California State University Chico student, Andrew. As college students they didn’t have $400 to spend on a GoPro, but wanted to share their snowboarding experiences with their friends and family back home. A pretty extensive search online for cheaper alternatives fielded some iPhone products, but being Android users with two different models, they wouldn't work.   It also became clear that all of the other products available were model-specific which meant replacing...

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Iphone and Android Helmet Camera

Posted by Andrew Cain on

Turn the Iphone, Android, or Windows Phones that is already in your pocket into a powerful helmet cam using the Velocity Clip! Turn Your Phone Into A Helmet Cam To use your camera phone as a helmet cam you will need to by the Velocity Clip +Adhesive Mounts. This package comes with 1 Velocity Clip, 1 Flat Adhesive Mount, and 1 Curved Adhesive Mount. With the Flat and Curved sticky mounts you will have a mount that will best fit the curvature of your particular helmet. If you are wanting to mount your Velocity Clip to multiple helmets we suggest...

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